Topic 5: Evolution

page15_1Topic 5: Evolution

Misconceptions About Evolution

Bird and Bat Wing Comparison

This unit covers the unifying theme of biology: evolution. Biology is a science rich in topics that often foment heated discussion. Evolution is one such topic. The science of evolution is just that—it’s science—it’s supported by significant repeatable, falsifiable experimentation. Science seeks to find truth in nature in much the same way that religion seeks to find truth in God; the two should be viewed as mutually exclusive. By definition, science is the systematic, experimental study of repeated events in nature that are governed by physical and natural laws. Religion, on the other hand, worships a supernatural God or gods. Being supernatural, a god, by definition, is above the laws of nature and should be excluded from any discussion regarding science. Learning about evolution and the science behind it does not mean that you have to be an atheistic, devil-worshiping, sinner condemned to eternal life in purgatory. Likewise, believing in God does not mean that you have to shun science, its processes, or any of the topics that it attempts to explain. Like most things in science, paradigms are often shifted as new ways of thinking come along, new discoveries are made, or new technologies become available. Thus, this does not mean that former ideas should be met with lunacy or ridicule. Rather, it should be seen as a natural process of science and scientific discovery whereby a body of knowledge builds upon itself and serves as a catalyst for new thought. As you take mainstream science classes, you will be challenged at every turn. Topics such as evolution will force you to think differently and become educated about a variety of issues which are likely to be new to you. Do not be scared, do not become angry, and certainly do not feel that you need to stop believing in your deity. Embrace the fact that you are becoming enlightened and challenge yourself to understand your convictions. Hopefully, you will find new ways to explain them, and inspire others to do the same.

Interactive Evolution Activity

Chapter 22 Presentation-Descent with Modification: A Darwinian View of Life

Chapter 23 Presentation-The Evolution of Populations

Malaria-Human Portion of the Life Cycle
Malaria-Mosquito Portion of the Life Cycle

Chapter 24 Presentation-The Origin of Species

Chapter 25 Presentation-The History of Life on Earth

Chapter 26 Presentation-Phylogeny and the Tree of Life

Endosymbiotic Theory


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